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About Us

Welcome to Avocado Amour. We are a small, family owned business that began our journey into the baby industry as an online retailer. After over 10 years in business we still hadn’t found the perfect swaddle blanket that would live up to our standards in quality, durability, function, and design. We decided to launch a manufacturing line so that we could provide our customers and the rest of the world with the kind of swaddle we’ve all been waiting for.

As we worked our way through research and development and our first run of sample swaddles we labored over what to call our line. When it came time to settle on our first print we chose Avocados, fondly remembering our children’s first foods… and for years their favorite. We chose to name our line Avocado Amour because just like avocados are the first food for so many babies, we want our products to be their first and their favorite well into toddlerhood and beyond.  

Avocado Amour is based in Stillwater, MN where Lil’ Tulip’s has a brick and mortar storefront and where the line was first launched in 2019. As a brand, we will always keep our focus on creating products we love and we hope you will love them as much as we do.